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Heart Chakra

Uncover Your Inner Beloved

Deepen Your Relationships With Mastery

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The Art of Intimacy Workshops:


The “Uncover Your Inner Beloved”  Workshop

In this workshop you will be shown how to attract and experience greater abundance, joy, prosperity, love and intimacy in your life and in your relationships. You will be taught:

The “Art of Human Nutrition-Food as a Spiritual Practice” 2-Hour Workshop

It is vitally important that we take care of our physical as well as our mental, spiritual and emotional health. In order to experience more divine energy in our lives we need to heal our physical bodies since we can only hold as much light as our “vessel” can contain.

With Russ’s certificates in Human Nutrition & Micronutrients, and Cynthia’s 20 years of practical application of the principles of Hippocrates Health Institute, they will teach how our bodies and lives thrive when we look at food as a spiritual and conscious practice. You will learn what foods they eat, the essential practice of proper food combining and how the body properly digests and absorbs food to ensure vibrant health and prevent disease. You will learn your body’s language and how to listen to it. As always, YOU are the GURU of your life.

Russ and Cynthia Israel

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