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Heart Chakra

Uncover Your Inner Beloved

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What kind of practices are we going to do in a workshop?
The practices taught involve breath work, meditation and the moving of energy. We demonstrate each of the exercises so you can get an idea of what’s involved and assist you as needed.

Are individuals allowed to attend the workshop?
Yes, we have workshops that are for both individuals and couples.

Is the workshop open to same-sex couples?
Couples of all sexual orientations are welcome. These teachings help couples incorporate the Art of Intimacy regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Do couples work with their own partners?
Our couples do all the partnered exercises only with each other. These are designed to enable and support couples going deeper into intimacy together.

How do we maintain the practices after the workshop?
You can review the exercises we have included in the handout you receive as part of the workshop. You may contact us if you have a particular question or concern. For those of you who want to go even deeper we are available for private coaching with You and/or your Beloved.

Further Questions?
You may contact us
for any additional questions you may have regarding our programs.

Russ and Cynthia Israel

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