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Uncover Your Inner Beloved

Deepen Your Relationships With Mastery

The Art of Intimacy: Opening of the Heart

Our teachings are a comprehensive and holistic combination of techniques that include methods from cognitive behavioral psychology, Kabbalah, Eastern experiential breath work and joyful movement practices. These methods elevate and expand the consciousness by opening you up to you own Inner Essence and the loving relationship with Self, which we call the Inner Beloved.  This opening is what creates the experience of deep and meaningful connection.

These techniques, when practiced regularly, keep you centered and create a greater ongoing sense of Peace, Joy and Love. You will become more open and prepared to experience greater Abundance and Prosperity in all areas of life including well-being in health, relationships, finances and a deeper sense of purpose.

These teachings and methods are offered in our weekend, weekly and one-day group workshops.

Our Workshops & Courses


The “Uncover Your Inner Beloved” Weekend Intensive:  

In this Friday - Sunday integral weekend workshop we incorporate all of the teachings and methods offered in our weekly Foundations and ½ day Healing Intensive Workshops and take them to a more in-depth level. During the weekend you will be shown how to work through loss and incomplete relationships, open up to Self-Love, attract and experience greater Abundance, Joy, Prosperity, Love and intimacy in your life and in your relationships. To Learn More Click Here.

The “Art of Human Nutrition-Food as a Spiritual Practice” A Five-Hour Workshop:

It is vitally important that we take care of our physical as well as our mental, spiritual and emotional health. In order to experience more divine energy in our lives we need to heal our physical bodies since we can only hold as much light as our “vessel” can contain.

In this workshop you will learn your body’s language and how to listen to it. You will observe the preparation of and be served a wonderfully delicious live organic lunch and afternoon snack in their home. To Learn More Click Here.

What Our 2015 Students are Saying…

“This (workshop) opened up new ways of thinking for me.” C.P.

“...simple solutions to a happier healthier present existence from living examples and a loving couple.”  S.G.

“...found a deeper connection with my higher self.  I feel more peace, love & joy in my life.”  L.M.

“An amazing workshop!” C.C.

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