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Uncover Your Inner Beloved

Deepen Your Relationship With Mastery

The Art of Intimacy: Opening of the Heart

Our teachings are centered around time-tested sacred tools and breathing techniques that elevate one’s relationship consciousness, beginning with your relationship with Self, and that facilitates the experience of deep and meaningful connection. This is learned at our Introductory ‘Be The Love You Are Seeking - Uncover Your Inner Beloved’ group workshops, open to both couples and those individuals who desire a relationship. Our couples teachings, which will take your relationship to a much deeper level, are offered at our advanced workshops and through private coaching.

Be the Love You are Seeking

Uncover Your Inner Beloved - Here you will develop your capacity for intimacy and increased connection with your own inner beloved. This will free up the Kundalini energy, the vital life force, making it available to the whole body, mind and soul, and in relationship.

Deepen Your Relationship With Mastery - Here couples will learn those practices from the ancient sacred arts where you gently share breath work, imagery, body movement and awareness exercises with your beloved partner. Advanced verbal and non-verbal communication skills, along with breathing practices carry this knowledge to a cellular level.

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